Orchestration and Music Preparation


I will take your project – film, tv or game – from a midi sequence through to the recording session
whether it is for solo piano or symphony orchestra. I can create a fantastic sounding mock up as
well as a correctly notated score for the conductor including dynamics, articulation and phrasing.
From this, I create parts for the session players as well as a click track in Pro Tools ready for the
recording engineer. Every minute on the scoring stage is very expensive so a precise and clear
score and parts is essential.

Here are some examples of scores and parts created for a recording session at Warner Bros.
Eastwood scoring stage in LA earlier this year.

If you need a music editor to create a cue sheet for your project or tweaks to music already
recorded so it fits the project perfectly, then I can do this using Pro Tools.

OFTG3456-FMP3Parts-FMP3Horn-in-F12 OFTG3456-FMP3Parts-FMP3Violin-12 OFTG3456-FMP3Score2 OFTG3456-Maximall2MScore2 OFTG3456-Maxomall2MParts-Maximall-2M-Flute2 OFTG3456-Maxomall2MParts-Maximall-2M-Percussion2 CatskinCueSheet4